Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February 27, 2018

Well things are lots of fun at CCS these days!

I have been really enjoying your Tedtalks and Bible Readings. We aim to finish the last few this week in order to select and prepare those chosen to present at the Clova on March 9th.

We have been busy getting some work samples ready to show to our parents at Student-Led conferences this Thurs./Fri this week also :)

Tmw the SJB Little Cub Classic (the one that was cancelled earlier in year) will be on. All grade 7 students will get a chance to play basketball and check out St. John Brebeuf High School tmw. We ask you to arrive on time (usual time) tmw. We will sort students into cars and depart CCS at 9am. We should return by 3.30pm. SJB will kindly provide pizza lunch. Students can wear gym strip and/or school uniform. Please bring water bottle and a snack. 

The grade 7 girls basketball team will be off to Richmond to compete in the playoffs that they worked hard to qualify for this season, as will the grade 6 girls team also. We are very proud of both teams and wish them the best of luck!!

Monday, 19 February 2018

February 19, 2018

I hope you all found our trip to Bethshan Gardens enjoyable today! I know that the residents there were glad to have us. It was really beautiful to see you all engage with those living there.

Ted talks begin tomorrow! Many of you spent much of today practicing and adding final touched to your talks. We look forward to hearing and responding to your "ideas worth sharing".

Please remind your parents that there is a meeting for parents and sponsors (no students) this Weds. @ 6.30pm at the Parish Centre. If your sponsor cannot attend, we understand, but we invite them to please come along if they can.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January 31st, 2018

Can you believe it is Mrs. Sene's last day today?? We are all sooooo excited for her bundle of joy to arrive!! I know that she was delighted to receive the book filled with all your predictions about her baby!

Our Open House is coming up this Sunday. Thank you all for helping out with band/choir/Christian Server duties/ Lectio Divina presentations. It goes a long way!

I didn't quite get around to collecting the Service Hours forms today (luckily for some! ;)) I will gather those tmw.

You have been making steady progress with both your Lit Circle and Socials work- well done. I think most of you are on schedule to finishing on time, and won't need to do much at home as a result. If not, try to break what you have left into small tasks and complete some at home.
I am working hard to finish marking the last Socials activity you submitted- results should be going home this week.

It is on the board, but one last reminder that Holy Cross application forms are now past due.

Lastly, many people complimented our class on the artwork on our bulletin board in the hallway (see pictures below). You should be proud of your Ted Harrison inspired artwork grade 7's.

Monday, 29 January 2018

January 29, 2018

I saw some nervous faces as we began to talk about Tedx this year. Don't be nervous!!! Tedx is a lot of fun and a chance for us to share our interesting ideas with our class, as well as share a Bible Reading that means something to us.

Let's all help one another through feedback in class as well as on Google Classroom to come up with ideas to share that fit the criteria (See handout today to check this). Please be assured that you are not expected to spend time at home on Google Classroom (although this is allowed if your parents permit). You will get class time to post and comment so that we can get the best out of one another. Class time will also be given to work on developing your ideas in all the writing stages (idea approval- planning- rough copy- good  copy- presenting). I really look forward to hearing all about your ideas!

Our Open House is also fast approaching (this Sunday). Every year people share how much they enjoy the band performance, and I know this year will be extra special what with everyone in band! We are very grateful to the band for coming to perform this Sunday (notices will be sent home). Mr. Pistrin and I will be hosting a short "Lectio Divina" demonstration at 1.15pm that day also. Please sign up tmw if you are available (need just a few students). Many of you will also be helping in roles as Christian Servers I am sure. We would not be able to do it all without you all, so thank you very much!

- Xtra Math x 3 per week
- Lit Circles: final week
- Rel: pink page (W)
-Socials project (Due Feb.14)
-TedX proposed idea (Fri)

-Service Hours- due Weds.
-Weds.- Mrs. Sene's last day!!!
-Weds.- Parent night at Parish: Deborah McNamara
-Friday: foodbank mass
-Sunday, Feb. 4: CCS Open House

Monday, 22 January 2018

January 22, 2018

I hope you all enjoyed the extra long weekend just passed! We are quite busy in grade 7 currently, and you have been keeping the pace well. Good work everyone!

The Ted Harrison artwork we have underway is really starting to come together. The finished products will be a sight for sore eyes I am sure.

We are leading Mass this Friday. Thanks to the many students that offered to help with this. Those of you with reading parts, please practice. We will rehearse in the church this Wednesday at 10.30am.

Pizza party tomorrow for those of you that have been helping with the B.F.F. club. Thank you for all your hard work so far.

Best of luck to both the boys and girls basketball teams in their games after school today. Remember to play hard, smart and together! 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

January 17, 2018

Dear class, I hope you enjoyed having fun with your buddies today! I could see in their faces how delighted they were to get to know you better :)

I know that many of you are disappointed with your recent math quiz results. Have you come to Math Help this week or last week to make sure you fully understand the measurement concepts? You had many opportunities to get help at Math Help, did you take up those offers? Doing so shows you care and are taking responsibility, not just because you are disappointed with your grade, but because you realize a deep understanding is important. Showing up for Math Help illustrates that you are taking the gift of education seriously. Your teacher chasing you to come get extra help is counterproductive...
Many wish for a retest, those that show me that they are coming forward for the help offered will be allowed this opportunity. Our final Math Help on this unit is 10.30am tmw. Remember, Math Help is available regularly on Thurs. at 12pm, and I often put on regular slots as requested/needed. I am happy to do so, so long as you take the steps to seek this help. It is up to you, grade sevens....